2016 Winter Seminar

Living Like the Original People of the Winooski: Applying Ancient Knowledge of Native Trees and Plants for a Sustainable Future

Mike Ather, a 7th generation Vermonter, is a noted naturalist and owner of BackyardWilderness.com, a website extolling the virtues of restoring natural diversity into our local environment. He will share his insights about our city forest then and now at the Branch Out Burlington! annual winter seminar on Sunday, February 14 at 4:00 pm at Room 102 at the Aiken Center on the University of Vermont campus.

When it comes to local nature, Mike Ather has seen a lot. He is known for his passion for organic gardening and composting, especially vermicomposting. From April to November he hosts wild plant walks in area parks and forests, and regularly lectures on homestead ecology and back yard diversity for schools, businesses and community groups Vermont-wide. As the title suggests, his lecture will describe how indigenous people of the Winooski Valley survived with the support from native trees and plants. His audience will learn how to use some of these ancient tricks to live a more sustainable life today.

Mike Ather Mud Pond Walk croppedMike Ather, is a lifelong naturalist, photographer, and owner of BackyardWilderness.com.   A 1976 graduate of the UVM Environmental Studies Program, Mike is an alumnus of Gardener’s Supply Company, where he was known as “the worm guy” because of his passion for vermi-composting, and currently hosts wild plant walks at numerous locations from April to November each year. In addition he is a regular presenter on composting, vermiculture, organic soils, wild edibles, homestead ecology, and backyard diversity for schools, businesses, and community groups throughout Vermont.

This event is free.  Homemade desserts will be served.