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Six times a year, Burlington Conservation Newsletter will post events and news about what’s happening in Burlington’s wild places. You can join area naturalists on seasonal walks-tracking wildlife, spotting birds, savoring wildflowers or pondering geology. Or go on a hunt for clues of Burlington’s land use history like fence posts and quarries.

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Arms Forest

200 year-old red oak tree at the edge of the Arms Forest property boundary. Photo: Sean Beckett

The old forest landscape of the “Arms Grant” rewards visitors with rare natural communities and brims with clues of centuries of land use history. Visitors will find an extensive trail network lined with unusual plants, glimpses of deer and fox, and old farm roads shaded by rich canopies of centurion oaks. A hidden quarry even connects us to a Burlington that was once the national center of marble manufacturing. A rare gem in the necklace of Burlington’s open landscapes, this 30-acre park is located in the New North End’s largest area of contiguous undeveloped lands, nestled between Rock Point and the Intervale floodplain across North Avenue.