Burlington Tree Keeper Program

Be Part of the Green Action!

Is there space for a tree in the greenbelt in front of your house or business in Burlington? Would you like a tree from Branch out Burlington’s Community Tree Nursery? The Tree Keeper Program brings trees to people in Burlington who are able to provide the tree simple care.

BOB_tree_planting-fran_judyWhat is the Tree Keeper Program?

Every year, trees from the Branch Out Burlington!’s Community Tree Nursery are planted along Burlington’s streets. The trees need tender loving care to become established in their new locations. The first year is especially critical. Through the Tree Keeper Program, we match trees with residents who agree to provide them with a bit of care. In addition to getting a tree, Tree Keepers receive free tree care training from local experts. With help from Tree Keepers, our Community Nursery trees will thrive and provide years of neighborhood beauty.

Who Can Be a Tree Keeper?

People of all ages can be Tree Keepers. No experience or tools are needed, just an interest in trees and a desire to help care for the tree. When you apply to be a Tree Keeper, the city arborist will inspect your site and decide if a tree can go there and which type of tree is best for the spot. If the greenbelt is too narrow, it may be possible to plant it on your front lawn through an easement agreement with the city. In the spring, before the trees are planted, an educational seminar is held to teach Tree Keepers how to care for the tree.

What Does a Tree Keeper Do?

We hope Tree Keepers will keep their eye on other city trees growing in their neighborhoods, and contact the city arborist when they notice a problem.

Why Become a Tree Keeper?

Some Past Young Tree Keepers

jensenDalyOur youngest Tree Keeper was Jensen Daly. In 2008 he decided that what he wanted for his birthday was a tree planted in front of his house to care for. He asked all of his guests at the birthday party to give him money to contribute to Branch Out Burlington! for the tree. All summer he watered the tree and today it is a tall and healthy tree, and he is a mature teenager.



In 2012 Will Sightler joined up with Branch Out Burlington! to care for the trees along the streets in his treekeepersneighborhood. Over the summer, Will and his family clocked over 100 hours caring for trees around the city, covering at least 9 street miles. They pruned off the suckers and weeded around the trees