City Tree Planting Spring 2021

Spring is on its way and that means the crew from the Burlington Department of Parks, Recreation and Waterfront will be busy planting trees all around town in the greenbelts. They will be planting over 200 trees this year. Many of them will be coming from our Burlington Community Tree Nursery. Before they plant a tree, they work with Dig Safe to make sure they don’t disturb the underground power, water and gas lines. You may see colored paint in the greenbelt, which tells them where to plant the tree. After it is planted, they will stake the tree, spread wood chips around the base and install a green gator bag, used to water the tree over the summer. They will visit the tree over the summer to keep the tree watered. The locations of all the trees to be planted can be found below. If you have any questions about the tree planting, or would like to help with the watering of the tree in front of your house, email V.J. Comai, city arborist at

Burlington receives grant from Arbor Day Foundation in partnership with TD Bank.

Many of the trees will be planted in Wards 2 and 3 this year. These are wards that have a lower canopy density than other parts of the city. Trees in these neighborhoods will help to reduce high summer temperatures at the street level and make it a nicer place to live. This initiative is funded in part by the TD Bank through their TD Green Streets program and in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.  The Arbor Day Foundation was formed in 1972 and is the largest nonprofit organization in the country dedicated to planting trees.

List of locations of trees planted in fall 2020 and Spring 2021  (pdf).