Update from City Arborist

As of October 30,  we completed all of our fall planting, 113 trees. 70 bare root trees from Schichtel’s and the remainder from the BOB nursery.That brings our 2020 total to 410!! All trees are mulched, staked, and well-watered. We also fall fertilized all trees planted in 2018 and 2019 and freshened the mulch around trees planted in 2019 and this past spring as needed. We continue to have a terrific survival rate of over 98% losing only a handful of trees even through the difficult dry summer. Those sites were replanted this fall. We are looking ahead to next spring and developing our planting plan to fill all available viable planting sites in wards 2 and 3 which are the wards with the lowest % of canopy coverage based on the recent urban canopy study conducted by UVM. We have around 60 trees in the nursery for spring harvest and we will make up the difference with bare root trees from Schichtel’s.  Thanks again to BOB for all of the support and this remarkable partnership.     V.J. Comai, Burlington City Arborist, Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront