Awesome Tree Contest


The Awesome Tree Contest is an annual event conducted by Branch Out Burlington! As the name indicates, it is a contest held to discover spectacular trees that are located in the city of Burlington. Every tree that is entered is physically visited by a panel of judges who determine which trees best represent the categories for that year.

The contest began in 2000. There are different categories each year. Some new categories this year are: Coolest Conifer, Not in my Backyard and Largest Canopy.  Back by popular demand are Kids Choice, and Habitat Tree.  Entrants come from all segments of the community: school classes, individuals and groups and the contest can revolve into a great adventure. Sometimes, members of a family including the mother and father will each enter a tree. This becomes a great family activity and learning event as they look for the perfect trees to be entered.

The contest is held in August and September and the entries are judged in early October. The winners are notified and the prizes are given out at the Branch Out Burlington! Annual Meeting in early December.

Past Nominees

up in the pear treeThe “Sue Ball Pear Tree” was nominated and won first place in the category of My Favorite Tree in Burlington in 2015.

Every August for the past 5 years I have heard the sound of fruit falling on a tin roof. Sometimes the sound wakes me up from dreams, other times it reminds me of all the work that has been done to eat this delicious treat. My favorite tree in this great city is a 75 year old pear tree that towers over our 3 story home.  Read the entire story here.


Paci TreeThe Paci Tree at 75 Hayward Street was nominated and won second place in the category of Tree with a Story in 2014.  This royal red Norway maple is in front of Stepping Stones Childcare Center.  The school calls it the Cho Cho Tree or the Paci Tree.  Children at the center have a little ceremony and hang their retired pacifiers from the tree and then visit the tree whenver they want.  In the photo you can see the pacifiers hanging from a branch.