2019 Awesome Tree Contest

The 2019 Awesome Tree Contest is now closed.

The five categories for 2019  were:

Coolest Conifer – All conifer trees considered, large and majestic or small, dwarf, unusual, weeping, pendula, upright’s or spreaders.

Kids Choice – A tree appreciated by an enthusiastic young tree lover (ages 12 and under) Please share the tree story.

 Not in my backyard – Something appreciated or not and obviously a tree you don’t want on YOUR property.

 Largest Canopy – Huge with very large crown that creates large canopy and possibly incredible shade.

Habitat Tree (one that gives a home for something special) It could be bird nests, cavities for mammals, bat roosts, insects, woodpeckers, and tree frogs. Could be a tree encouraging a particularly interesting fungus or providing the shade for woodland understory plants. Please tell us about the tree and what environment it helps create.


Thanks for participating.

Great prizes donated by these local businesses and organizations: Vermont Dept of Forest, Parks and Recreation, Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront, August First Bakery, Zero Gravity Beer, and more.