Tree Profiles

We are often asked “What species of trees are grown in the BOB! Community Tree Nursery?” People also want to know what the young tree planted in front of their house will look like when it grows up. We have over 30 different tree species or cultivars growing in our nursery at any one time.  This is to ensure that our urban forest has species diversity, to reduce impact from pests. Below is a list of many of them along with some of the trees we have sold in our annual tree sale.  Click on a tree name to get a full profile of that tree.


These profiles were prepared carefully based on information from multiple reliable websites by Maggie Citarella and Tom Roland, two of our BOB! Board members, and other guest authors.  Each month 1 or 2 of these profiles is featured in our newsletter.  This list will be continuously updated as profiles become available.



American Basswood

American Sycamore

Amur Chokecherry

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Bald Cypress

Bur Oak

Dawn Redwood

Fernleaf European Beech

Flowering Crabapple – ‘Adams’

Freeman Maple – ‘Marmo’

Golden Glory Dogwood


Honey Locust

Japanese Zelkova

Kentucky Coffee

Lapins Cherry

Liberty Apple

Minnesota Strain Redbud

Mount Royal Plum


Northern Catalpa

Northern Pin Oak

Paperbark Maple

Patten Pear & Summer Crisp Pear

Pear – Korean Sun™

Princeton Elm

Red Maple

Red Sunset® Maple

Reliance Peach

Renaissance Oasis® Paper Birch

River Birch – Dura-Heat™

Three-Flowered Maple

Tulip Tree

Turkish Filbert

Valley Forge American Elm