Scientific name: Ulmus davidiana var. japonica ‘Morton’ – ACCOLADE™

This elm is a large, fast-growing, deciduous tree with the classic, vase-shaped form of the American elm. Dutch elm disease killed many elms that lined streets across the country, but this tree has great resistance to Dutch elm disease, elm leaf miner, and elm leaf beetle. This elm can reach 50-60 ft tall by 30-40 ft wide. The leaves are glossy green, turning to a beautiful yellow in fall. Small green flowers appear in early spring before the leaves. Bark is gray, ridged, and furrowed. This tree is derived from a hybrid elm (Ulmus japonica x Ulmus wilsoniana) that was planted in 1924 at the Morton Arboretum in Illinois. Tolerant of air pollution, urban conditions, dry sites, and occasional drought. ACCOLADE™ elm is also a good shade or street tree and attracts birds and squirrels. Grows in part to full sun and in plant hardiness zones 4-9.

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