Evans Bali Cherry

Scientific name: Prunus cerasus ‘Evans Bali’

Noted for exceptionally high yields, this variety is bathed in stunning clusters of fragrant showy white flowers in spring followed by loads of bright red cherries in mid-summer. It has dark green foliage throughout the season. The pointy leaves turn an outstanding orange in the fall. It produces dark red 1 inch Morello type cherries that are excellent for baking and fresh eating—primarily used as a pie cherry, yet sweet enough to eat fresh. Fruit is also used for jams, jellies, cobblers and wines. The fruit is much sweeter than other sour cherries. Like all tart cherries, ‘Evens Bali’ cherry is self-fertile and it does not require a second plant nearby to set fruit. Some sources say it will probably produce more and larger fruit with a second cherry planted nearby as a pollinizer. It thrives in very cold climates where many other tart cherry varieties fail. A compact fruit tree, this tree is an ideal size for backyard orchards. It requires occasional maintenance and upkeep and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed. Uniquely hardy with extremely hardy buds. Precocious and productive on a naturally dwarfing tree. Some articles list the hardiness to zones 3-9, but this is only partly true. In Canada they still sell it from root suckers. However, to avoid all the root suckers, most in the US grow on a rootstock. These are coldhardy thru zone 4. It prefers average to evenly moist conditions and does not tolerate standing water. This plant can grow in a variety of soil types. It is highly tolerant of urban pollution. Evans Bali Cherry was a selection from Alberta Canada. A Mr. Evans collected root suckers off the original tree. Bill McKently, of St. Lawrence Nursery in Potsdam, NY specialized in super cold hardy fruit varieties. He got Evans into the US but re-named it ‘Bali’. ‘Evans Bali’ cherry is also a great choice for attracting birds to your yard (but that means less for you!).

by Jacob Holzberg-Pill, BOB! Board Member