Flowering Crabapple – ‘Adams’

Scientific name: Malus sp.  ‘Adams’

Crabapples are small, ornamental, deciduous trees. The ‘Adams’ crabapple is rounded and grows 20 ft tall by 20 ft wide. Showy pink or rose-colored flowers bloom in abundance in spring, usually in April. Dark red fruit ripen between July and November and persist into winter. The fruit has red pulp and varies in size from ¼ to 2 inches wide. Leaves emerge with a red tint and mature to green. In fall they turn a beautiful orange-red. Crabapples thrive in full sun and grow best in well drained, slightly acidic soils, but they tolerate in many soil types. Typically, it grows in plant hardiness zones 4-8. Crabapple cultivars have been selected based on their flower color and disease resistance. The ‘Adams’ crab is exceptionally resistant to fire blight and tolerates air pollution, making it a good urban street tree. It can be planted as a single specimen or in small groups. It attracts birds and butterflies, as well as humans.

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