Paperbark Maple

Scientific name: Acer griseum

The paperbark maple is a small, deciduous tree native to central and eastern China. Growing in full sun to part shade, this tree typically matures to 20-30 ft tall and 15-25 ft wide. The crown is oval to rounded. The bark is very ornamental and attractive, peeling into large curls that persist on the tree and contrast with the tan to rose-brown inner bark. The green leaves have three coarsely toothed leaflets. The underside of the leaves is blue green to gray green with fine hairs. The fall color varies from spectacular red and orange colors to less showy shades of reddish to bronze green. In spring, ornamentally insignificant yellowish flowers bloom. The fruits are winged samaras that emerge in summertime.  This is a popular bonsai tree. These trees are great ornamental or specimen trees and grow in plant hardiness zones 4-8.


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