Patten Pear & Summercrisp Pear

Scientific name: Pyrus communis ‘Patten’ & Pyrus communis ‘Summercrisp’

‘Patten’ and ‘Summercrisp’ pears are sold together in our tree sale, since each tree pollinates the other. These small, deciduous trees both reach a height of 15 ft and a width of 12 ft. Fragrant, white flowers bloom in early May. Both pear trees bear medium to large fruit that have excellent fresh eating quality. ‘Summercrisp’ ripens mid-to-late August and ‘Patten’ ripens in late September. ‘Summercrisp’ pears can be harvested while they are still green with a red blush; the sweet and crisp fruits can be eaten or stored for up to two months in a cool location. ‘Patten’ should be picked about 1 week before the pears are ripe and allowed to ripen in cool storage. Hardy and vigorous, these trees can be used as an accent, for shade, or in an orchard or garden. Both pears need full sun and grow in plant hardiness zones 4-8.

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