Pear – Korean Sun™

Scientific name: Pyrus fauriei Korean Sun™ 

This ornamental pear is a small, deciduous tree or shrub. Native to Korea, the Korean Sun pear is a compact, rounded tree that grows to 12 ft tall by 15 ft wide. White flowers appear after the leaves and develop into small fruit. This tree is noted for its excellent fall color, when the green leaves turn red to reddish purple. It thrives in full sun, grows quickly, and adapts well to most soil types. Korean Sun pear is drought tolerant and has high resistance to powdery mildew and leaf scorch. All of these characteristics make it an excellent tree for planting on the street. This flowering tree can be planted as a specimen or in small groups. It attracts birds and butter-flies and is resistant to deer. It typically grows in plant hardiness zones 4-9.



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