Summer Wine® Ninebark Tree Form

Scientific name:  Physocarpus opulifolius

Ninebark  is named for the numerous layers of bark which progressively peel in a manner similar to birch.  This tough, adaptable small tree is easy to grow.  Gracefully arching foliage is purple all through the season with the white flowers covering the stems in late June, followed by red seed heads .  The foliage is such a deep-purple that the white button-like flowers that line the stems appear a blushing pink as they reflect the rich color of the leaves.  Plant this variety in front of greenery to heighten visual impact in your landscape.

‘Summer Wine’ can also be planted in groups for a border or screen.  Try a pair by a door, or at a garden gate.  Pruning Summer Wine Ninebark should be avoided to avoid disturbing its growth habit. If pruning is desired, do so right after flowering season, and very selectively.  It has average water needs and requires moist well drained soils. This Ninebark can tolerate acidic and alkaline soils. Once established it is drought tolerant.  Deer/Rabbit Resistant.

by Kyle Albee, BOB! Board member