Sweet Cherry Pie

Ripe cherries from a First Editions® Sweet Cherry Pie™ Cherry tree (Prunus 'Eubank'), showcasing the delectable harvest of this fruit-bearing ornamental tree

Scientific name: Prunus ‘Eubank’

This tree is an ideal addition to a home garden due to its compact size, reaching a height of 15 feet and a width of 12 feet. Resembling more of a large shrub than a typical tree, it is renowned for its abundant cherry production and is well-suited for USDA plant hardiness zones 4-7. In the spring, the tree showcases vibrant clusters of fragrant flowers, while the glossy dark green foliage provides striking visual appeal throughout the summer. Come fall, the leaves transition to a brilliant yellow hue.

The fruit from this tree is both tart and sweet, making it perfect for pies and preserves, and it can even be dried to add a flavorful accent to salads. Notably, it is self-pollinating, eliminating the need for multiple trees for a fruitful harvest. For optimal growth and disease prevention, it should be cultivated in full sun with good airflow. However, be prepared to contend with the challenge of safeguarding the delectable fruit from birds and squirrels, as its irresistible taste attracts wildlife. Fortunately, due to its modest height, covering the tree is a practical measure to protect your harvest from these eager foragers.