Three-Flowered Maple

Scientific name: Acer triflorum

Three-flowered maple is a small, slow-growing, deciduous tree native to Manchuria China and Korea. This maple has an attractive shape and dense, rounded crown. Growing in full sun to part shade, this tree matures to 25-30 ft tall by 25-30 ft wide. The small green-yellow flowers bloom in early spring. The species name triflorum describes the flowers which grow in clusters of three. The compound leaves are green and trifoliate (with three leaflets). Fruits are 1 in long seed pods (samaras). Ash-brown bark exfoliates in vertical strips and contrasts the orange-brown inner bark. In fall, the leaves turn to vibrant shades of yellow and orange to red. Three-flowered maple attracts birds and is a great specimen or ornamental tree for around the home or garden. This tree grows in plant hardiness zones 4-9.

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