Annual Tree Sale


Branch Out Burlington!’s first tree sale took place in 2008.  Its intent was to increase Burlington’s urban ‘forest’  by providing good young trees, suited to our climate and urban conditions, at an affordable price to individuals, families and non-profits.

Proceeds from the tree sales would support both Branch Out Burlington!’s educational activities and further tree planting to increase the health and extent of Burlington’s urban forest.

Each year, our popular tree sale has sold out early. Many of the trees are unique and offer more than one season of interest. A sample of some of the trees offered for sale this year includes;  Northwood Maple, River Birch, Northern Pin Oak and Sweet Cherry Pie.

Through this unique sale, several thousand trees have been sold that now beautify many homes in the greater Burlington area and even beyond Chittenden county.  In addition several hundred trees have been given away to non-profits that now grace schools, churches, synagogues and various United Way Agencies.

Questions and orders, please contact Kyle Albee at: