14th Annual Tree Sale

Our 2021 tree sale is completely sold out.      

If you ordered a tree, it must be picked up at The UVM Hort Farm, 65 Green Mtn Drive, South Burlington, on Saturday May 1st, 2021 between 9 and 12:00 p.m. Pickup will be organized by last name as follows:

For last name A-L:  9 – 11 am.
For last name M-Z:  10 – 12 pm.

There is no other alternative pickup date or time.  Failure to pick up results in forfeiture of trees.   Click here for directions to the Hort Farm.  For bare root planting instructions you can click here or look in the menu to the right for a pdf.

Questions regarding orders, please contact Kyle Albee by email at: Bobtreesale@gmail.com or phone: 802 825 4505.  All sales are final and  no refunds will be issued.

 So sorry – all of our trees have been sold!  It was a great (and quick!)  sale this year and thanks to all who ordered trees to support our cause.  Mugs and tree gators are still available.  Please go to our “Merchandise” page to order.


SOLD OUT Liberty Apple – Malus ‘Liberty’

Red skin. High quality eating and cooking apple. Flesh crisp, juicy and sprightly. Early heavy bearer. Scab free and highly disease resistant. White flowers in spring. Requires a nearby pollinator of another apple or crabapple tree.  Grows to a height of 30-35 ft. and a width of 20 ft.  Zones 4-8.  5 ft. Price $60.  SOLD OUT



SOLD OUT Renaissance OasisR Paper Birch – Betula papyrifera ‘Oenci’

Beautiful landscape addition.  Broad dense pyramidal form.  Drought tolerant.  Bark is a rich mahogany – reddish color turning bright white and exfoliates Dark green leaves turning yellow in the fall.  Superior bronze birch borer resistance.  Full to partial sun.  Grows to a height: of 50-60 ft and a width of 30-40 ft. Zone: 3.  5 ft. Price $60.  SOLD OUT


SOLD OUT Lapin Cherry – Prunus avium ‘Lapin’ 

A big, beautiful dark mahogany red cherry. These are some of the largest and juiciest cherries that grow on trees. The sweet taste is wonderful for baking and cooking. Highly resistant to browning.  White flowers in late May, ripening late July to August. Prolific producer of cherries. Self-fruitful, additional pollinator tree not required. Grows to a height of 15-20 ft.  Zones 4-8.  5 ft. Price $60. SOLD OUT


SOLD OUT Reliance Peach – Prunus persica ‘Reliance’

The hardiest yellow-fleshed freestone peach available. Medium sized, roundish, yellow-fleshed peach. Has a rather dull blush over green-yellow color. Flesh is bright yellow, rather soft and juicy. Self-fruitful, additional pollinator tree not required. Fragrant pink flowers in spring. Full sun.  Grows to a height of 15–20 ft.  Zone 4.  5 ft. Price $60. SOLD OUT


SOLD OUT Centennial Crabapple — Malus ‘Centennial’

Cold hardy, excellent fruit with crisp sweet flavor for fresh eating, apple sauce or jelly, Stunning white flowers in mid-May produces a 1.75 to 2’’ plum sized crabs which ripens in mid to late August. Great disease resistance. Excellent pollinator for other apples.  Full sun.  Height: 8–12 ft, Width 12 ft. Zone 3. 5 ft. Price $60. SOLD OUT



SOLD OUT    Mount Royal Plum – Prunus domestica  ‘Mount Royal’

Blue European plum. Good eaten off the tree. Excellent for desert, jam and preserves or drying. Tender juicy flesh; freestone. Showy fragrant blooms in early May, ripening date late August. Self-fruitful, additional pollinator tree not required. Grows to a height of 8-12 ft.  Zone 4. 5 ft. Price $60. SOLD OUT



SOLD OUT Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry – Amelanchier x grandiflora ‘Autumn Brilliance’

Graceful tree for small spaces. Beautiful white flowers in early spring, followed by small red-purple edible fruit in summer. Bright red fall color.  Reaches mature size early. The fruit tastes like blueberries and can be made into jams and jellies. Birds will thank you! Plant in full sun to part shade.  Grows to a height of 20-25 ft and a width of 15-20 ft.  Zones 4-9. 5 ft. Price $60.SOLD OUT 


SOLD OUT Nannyberry – Viburnum lentago – Tree Form

Native to Vermont, Stunning creamy white snowball-like flowers in late May are followed by purple-black berries attracting birds. Leaves turn a beautiful purple-red in fall. Durable in many soils, has NOT been affected by Viburnum Leaf Beetle. Full sun or partial shade. Grows to a height and spread of 15-20 ft. Zone 2. 5 ft. Price $60 .SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT Red Sunset® Maple – Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’

Green leaves in summer; brilliant red to orange color in fall. Fast growing and drought tolerant. Outstanding shade tree. Withstands strong winds.  Plant as a specimen or in a classic row.    Full Sun.  Grows to a height of 40–50 ft and a width of 35–40 ft. Zone: 4. 5 ft. Price $60.


SOLD OUT Patten Pear – Pyrus ‘Patten’ & Summer Crisp Pear — Pyrus ‘Summercrisp’

These pears are sold together as each pear tree pollinates the other. White flowers in early May. Both pears have excellent eating quality. Summer crisp ripens mid to late August and Patten ripens late September. Harvest Summer Crisp when still green with red blush to be eaten or stored up to two months in a cool location. Patten should be picked about 1 week before ripe and allowed to ripen in cool storage.  Full Sun.  Both reach a height of 15 ft. and a width of 12 ft. Zone 4. 5 ft.  Price: $120 (for 2 trees). SOLD OUT