A Tribute to Bob Peisch

On April 22, 2021, Bob Peisch would have been 71 years old.   Members of his immediate family from all over New England, along with volunteers from Branch Out Burlington! gathered at Apple Tree Park in the New North End of Burlington to celebrate his eclectic life. A swamp white oak was planted in his memory  along with a plaque honoring his life.

Bob Peisch, a long time Branch Out Burlington! volunteer passed away recently. Most of us came to know Bob through our annual tree sale – he purchased numerous trees each year, and his was always one of the first orders received.

Every year Bob helped out with the Dip and Bag session for our tree sale and tree planting at our Community Tree Nursery, till his Parkinson’s limited his activities.  He was also a volunteer firefighter in his town of Ferrisburgh.  A Branch Out Burlington! team leader shared several “BOB” stories. He recalled that a few years ago, Bob came to the dip and bag, and his hands were badly inflamed as a result of accidentally placing them on a hot tin roof while fighting a fire.  The team leader said “Bob, don’t your hands hurt?”  Without skipping a beat, he said “They’re killing me” and went right back to his work!

He had a row of the various maples he had purchased from our tree sale over the years, and called them his legacy.  Just last week he contacted the tree sale coordinator asking if a “Magnolia tree may have fell off of our tree sale delivery truck”, that he might purchase.  Conversations with Bob and our group after weeding bees were always classic.  We’ll never forget the night he talked about being at the original concert in Woodstock…  Bob was one of a kind. Every tree and shrub he received through Branch Out Burlington! was very special to him. He took the time to point out every one, including a lilac he won as a prize after one of the tree plantings. He never wanted to manage the work. He said he simply wanted to be the “mule”. He told us about the time he pulled into his yard and discovered neighbor kids standing on his porch eating peaches off his tree (purchased through the BOB! Annual Tree Sale) with juice just running all down their faces. He just loved it!

Bob Peisch and Lisa Hoare at the 2015 BOB! Tree Sale

Bob will be sorely missed at the Branch Out Burlington! events. He always added zest to any gathering. We are honored that he selected Branch Out Burlington! as one of a few organizations to donate to in his name. These donations will enable us to continue to leave a legacy to him around our region in the form of trees. Thank you, Bob for making this world a more interesting place.

Anyone wishing to donate in Bob’s honor can send checks made out to Branch Out Burlington, to Margaret Skinner, 93 Howard Street, Burlington, VT  05401

Take a few minutes to read his obituary – it’s truly remarkable.