Lapins Cherry

Scientific name: Prunus avium ‘Lapins’

‘Lapins’ cherry is a small, deciduous tree with a spreading canopy. A prolific producer of cherries, this tree grows to a height of 15–20 ft. and a width of 12-15 ft. In late May, white, fragrant flowers appear before the leaves emerge and then ripen in late July to August. The fruit are large, beautiful, dark mahogany red cherries. These are some of the largest and juiciest cherries that grow on trees. The sweet taste is wonderful for baking and cooking, plus the cherries are highly resistant to browning. This tree is self-fruitful or self-pollinating, so an additional pollinator tree is not required. Dark green leaves turn yellow, orange, or red in fall. Cultivated in the U.S. since colonial times, ‘Lapins’ cherry is attractive to birds and butterflies. Indeed, it is also known as bird, mazzard, or sweet cherry. Great for a small, sunny spot in the yard, ‘Lapins’ needs full sun and grows in plant hardiness zones 4-8.


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