Minnesota Strain Redbud

Scientific name: Cercis canadensis ‘Minnesota Strain’     

The ‘Minnesota Strain’ is a cultivar of the American or eastern redbud, which is native to North America. This tree was selected for its cold hardiness at the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. A graceful tree with a rounded, vase shape, this redbud is a small deciduous tree with a moderate growth rate. This tree grows to a height and width of 20-30 ft. Rosy pink, pea-like blossoms appear in spring and yield brown pods that remain on the tree throughout the winter. Heart-shaped leaves emerge reddish to burgundy, mature to a dark green, and then turn a warm yellow in autumn. A great tree for wildlife, this tree can be planted in a lawn, along a shrub border, or in woodland margins. This tree grows in full sun to part shade in plant hardiness zones 4-9.



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