Mount Royal Plum

Scientific name: Prunus domestica ‘Mount Royal’

‘Mount Royal’ is a hardy, blue European plum that has a moderate growth rate. This small, deciduous tree is a freestone plum with a rounded, open growth form. ‘Mount Royal’ reaches 8-12 ft in height and 10 ft in width. In early May, showy, fragrant, white flowers appear and then ripen in late August. The small, round fruit have bluish black skin and greenish yellow flesh that is tender and juicy. The fruits are sweet and good when eaten fresh off the tree. They are excellent for dessert, jam, preserves, or drying. This tree is self-fruitful or self-pollinating, so an additional pollinator tree is not required. The dark green leaves turn yellow in the fall. Historically, ‘Mount Royal’ originated in Canada from crosses of plum seedlings by settlers near Montreal. While many did not survive, ‘Mount Royal’ thrived in this cold climate. With an expected lifespan of 40 years, ‘Mount Royal’ can be an excellent specimen tree in an orchard, yard, or edible garden. Tolerant of urban conditions, various soil types, and most pH levels, this tree needs full sun and grows in plant hardiness zones 4-7.


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