Scientific name: Viburnum lentago – Tree Form

Nannyberry is a small, deciduous tree or shrub with an open, arching growth form, native to our region. Nanny goats apparently eat the ripe berries, hence the common name. This tree has a moderate growth rate and reaches a height of 15–20 ft and a width of 15-20 ft. Stunning creamy white, snowball-like flowers appear in late May. Fruit are purple-black berries that attract birds. Glossy dark green leaves turn a beautiful purple red in fall. Can live 50-150 years. This tree has many other common names including black haw, cowberry, nanny plum, sheepberry, sweetberry, tea plant, and wild raisin. It is resistant to deer browsing, and tolerates many soil types. It has not shown susceptibility to the viburnum leaf beetle, which is a pest of other viburnum species. It is great as an accent tree or a hedge. It is also suitable in a pollinator garden, native plant area, or woodland setting. It needs full sun or part shade and grows in plant hardiness zones 3-7.


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