Valley Forge American Elm

Scientific name: Ulmus americana ‘Valley Forge’

‘Valley Forge’ is a cultivated variety or cultivar of the majestic American elm that is native to eastern and central North America. Proven to be highly resistant to Dutch elm disease, this large, fast-growing, deciduous tree possesses the classic American elm tree shape. Reaching a height and width of 60-70 ft, ‘Valley Forge’ has a graceful vase-shaped, broad-rounded crown. Non-showy green flowers appear in spring before the leaves emerge. Single-seeded fruits called samaras mature in mid-late spring. Creating a dense canopy, the dark green leaves are rough-textured, toothed, and grow to 6 in long. ‘Valley Forge’ transplants easily and once it is established, it exhibits tolerance to drought, wet sites, and poor soil conditions. Great as a specimen tree or in a row, this tree grows in full sun in plant hardiness zones 4-9.



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